My Music

Summary of my pages dedicated to learning and recording musical exercises. My goal is always to complete all exercises included in textbooks or instructional DVDs. One day, I would like to play like my idols listed below.
  • Classical Music
    • Vivaldi: Four Seasons (Summer)

  • Steve Vai: my favorite songs
    (In progress)
Support from Seymour Duncan:
One of my greatest achievements so far is receiving support from Seymour Duncan. They provided me with great Jeff Loomis Blackouts signature pickups. I really appreciate their interest in my musical development.

I practice playing music on keyboards, 6 string, 7 string and 8 string guitars. I'm mostly learning from progressive rock or metal musicians: John Petrucci, Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow, Rusty Cooley. Jordan Rudess is the source for my keyboard inspirations. I also play classical pieces for piano written by Chopin, Debussy and others.

Check the advanced riffs for the John Petrucci's competition: Match the Master

Here is the complete list of my competition submissions:

Riff 01:
Riff 02:
Riff 03:
Riff 04:
Riff 05:
Riff 06
Riff 07
Riff 08
Riff 09
Riff 10

On the competition website, my channel is available under the following URL:

The competition ended in mid April 2016. My point score gave me 20th position among over 1500 participants. (see the leaderboard below)

Conquering Dystopia:

I started this project in May or 2016. My plan was to learn all songs from the Conquering Dystopia album. In May 2016, I recorded Ashes Of Lesser Man. This very technical composition by Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow was quite a challenge:

Shredding Solos from Destroyer of Dreams (July 2016)

I will be posting all videos from Conquering Dystopia on my dedicated page:

On July 31 2016, I completed my Conquering Dystopia project. I learned and recorded all 11 songs.

May, 2016
Today, my covers of Conquering Dystopia songs have been posted on ProgSphere and Truth In Shredding websites. Thank you !!!

June 6, 2016
Today, I received from Seymour Duncan a great gift: Jeff Loomis signature pickups, a signed picture by Jeff Loomis and a t-shirt.

I will mount the pickups on my Schecter Demon guitar asap.
This is a great day for me. I'm delighted that Seymour Duncan liked my covers of Conquering Dystopia music.
I'm so excited to be recognized by Keith Merrow and Jeff Loomis (

Fretboard Autopsy by Rusty Cooley is a great resource for learning how to play fast through all modes. I created a separate page for documenting my progress.

Here is an example of my first improvisation exercises:

My YouTube channel features other advanced exercises:

8 String Guitar Exercises

Ionian shapes 1 - 8

Dorian shapes 1- 8

Jamming with my brother Liam

This is my first recording with my brother Liam who plays bass guitar. We had a lot of fun.
So far we have been practicing individually from the Metal Rhythm vol 1. and 2 books.

This time, we felt that we can use the backing tracks and play together.

I'm learning from these great books and DVDs.
I spent months learning advanced techniques from the books and DVDs listed below. I will be recording videos showing some of the exercises I've learned from these fabulous guitar players.

Extreme Lead Guitar by Jeff Loomis
For this resource, I created a separate curriculum page. I'm planning on learning and recording all exercises from the Extreme Lead Guitar DVD.

Arpeggio Madness by Rusty Cooley

... many other resources...

I'm learning from these great books and DVDs

Rock Discipline by John Petrucci

Currently, I play the following instruments:

Dean ML 8 string

Schecter Demon 7 string

Yamaha Pacifica 6 string

Fender Mustang Multi-effect pedal