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Welcome to My Motifs blog. I will be posting some of my projects in music, programming and math.
I'm 13 year old and live in Illinois.

My projects in 2017 AD

The most important project in 2017 was to complete the college calculus course based on the book by Larson and Edwards

I solved all chapter exercises from all chapters.
At this time I'm starting working on college level physics using the text book by Serway and Jewett.  (the most interesting problem solutions are posted on my blog)

I continue working on C++ programming. I'm using an advanced book by Ron Penton:

I am posting my programming examples on my Computer Science pages.

I'm also learning Japanese at a basic level

Musically, I'm working on very advanced songs by Dream Theater (click on the image for my recordings).

My projects in 2016 AD

The most important project in
 2016 so far was my participation in the match the master competition.
I finished the competition in 20th place out of over 1500 participants.

Also, I started studying my first college level calculus course. I will be posting my calculus instructional videos once I progress through the material.

My programming projects are aiming at developing a 3D engine. Right now, I'm exploring several existing technologies. Ultimately, I would like to build my own engine using OpenGL and C++

In 2016, I received my Black Belt rank in Mixed Martial Arts and a Grey Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I love jamming with my brother Liam (11). He plays a 6 string bass guitar and participates in Jordan Rudess Conservatory. Liam's blog is located at:

Contact information:
My father: Jack

My own email: