About this blog...

Welcome to My Motifs blog. I will be posting some of my projects in music, programming and math.
I'm 13 year old and live in Illinois.

Important things in my file:
1. Art in Your Heart
Why should I fix things without charging:
I should fix things without charging because I am generous and I want to give to people more services then required.
How could I add color to daily chores?
Adding color means adding some fun and interest.I could add color to my chores by knowing that I am being helpful and the importance of helping others. 
Why does God want you to put my whole heart into what ever I do?:
Because so we should have passion in what we do. Even if something is not interesting I should learn that not every task, that needs to be completed, will be interesting.

... based on: "Created for Work" by Bob SchulzPublisher: Great Expectations Book Co. 2006
My projects in 2016 AD

The most important project in 2016 so far was my participation in the match the master competition.
I finished the competition in 20th place out of over 1500 participants.

Also, I started studying my first college level calculus course. I will be posting my calculus instructional videos once I progress through the material.

My programming projects are aiming at developing a 3D engine. Right now, I'm exploring several existing technologies. Ultimately, I would like to build my own engine using OpenGL and C++

In 2016, I received my Black Belt rank in Mixed Martial Arts and a Grey Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I love jamming with my brother Liam (11). He plays a 6 string bass guitar and participates in Jordan Rudess Conservatory. Liam's blog is located at:

Contact information:
My father: Jack

My own email: