Jeff Loomis: Progressive Metal

Nov 2016,  2017

In this page I will be recording my covers of various progressive metal songs written by Jeff Loomis or his favorite musicians.


Jason Becker's cover by Jeff Loomis (recorded Jan 2017)

Cygnus (recorded Nov 2016)

Plains of Oblivion

Song #1: Mercurial (April 2017)

Song #2: The Ultimatum (recorded Dec 2016 and March 2017 )

Song #3: Escape Velocity (April 2017)

Song #4: Tragedy and Harmony (April 2017)

Song #5: Requiem for the Living (May 2017)

Song #6: Continuum Drift (June 2017)

Improved version

Riff clinic from: Surrender (June 2017)