My Guitar Curriculum: Dissonant Scales and Arpeggios

Jeff Loomis is one of the greatest guitar artists. I am learning his style of playing through the advanced curriculum from his lessons: ExtremeLead Guitar: Dissonant Scales and Arpeggios

Here is a listing Jeff's exercises that I practiced in January, February, March and April of 2016.

Harmonic Minor Scales

My video
Lesson 1:   Harmonic Minor Melody Lead “Shouting Fire At a Funeral”
Lesson 2:   Harmonic Minor Descending Run “Psalm of Lydia”
Lesson 3:   Harmonic Minor Octave Sitar Lead “Jato Unit”
Lesson 4: Harmonic Minor
"The Sacrament"  
Lesson 5: Harmonic Minor Scale

 Whole Tone Scales

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Lesson 6: The Whole Tone Scale
Lesson 7: Whole Tone Scale Patterns
Lesson 8: Whole Tone Scale Run “Opulent Maelstrom”

Diminished Scales

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Lesson 10: Diminished Scale
Lesson 11: Diminished Sweeps
Lesson 12: Diminished Lead with Chromatics “River Dragon”
Lesson 13: Diminished Tapping Chromatic Riff
Lesson 14: Diminished Riff “Opulent Maelstrom”
Lesson 15: Diminished Descending Riff “Enemies of Reality”
Lesson 16: Diminished Muted Pattern with Up Accents “Sacristy

Scale Patterns


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Lesson 17: The Lydian Dominant b2 Scale

Lesson 18: Scale Pattern Lydian Dominant b2 Scale

Lesson 19: Scale Patterns “Race Against Disaster”

Lesson 20: Scale Patterns “Miles of Machines”

Lesson 21: Arpeggios “Miles of Machines”

Lesson 22: Arpeggios “Psalm of Lydia”



Lesson 23: Arpeggios “Jato Unit”

Lesson 24: Arpeggios “Devil Theory”

 Lesson 25: Arpeggios; Adding Scale Tones: "I Voyager"

 Lesson 26: Arpeggio With Delay "Devil Theory"

 Exercise 27: Arpeggio 2 Part Section "Jato Unit"

 Exercise 28: Octaves "Devil's Theory"

Exercise 29" String Skipping "Devil's Theory"


 Exercise 30: Modal Climbing Riff "Jato Unit"

 Exercise 31: B minor Run

 Exercise 32: Melodic Theme Lead "Miles Of Machines" 
Exercise 33: Melodic Theme Lead "Shouting Fire at a Funeral"

 Exercise 34: Complete Lead "Inside 4 Walls"


 Exercise 35: Complete Lead "Jato Unit"




My video
Lesson 36: Complete Lead “Sacristy”
Lesson 37: Complete Lead - Chordal Solo “Miles of Machines”
Lesson 38: Complete Lead “Heart Collector”
Lesson 39: Complete Lead “Miles of Machines”
Lesson 40: Wide Stretch Riff Interval “Devils Theory”
Lesson 41: Diminished Dominant 7th Exercise “Devil Theory”