Keyboard Curriculum

My keyboard curriculum in 2015 and 2016 consists mainly two topics covered by books displayed below: theory, technique and improvisation.

Total Keyboard Wizardry. A Technique and Improvisation Workbook By Jordan Rudess. Published by Cherry Lane Music; ISBN 1575606798

Comping arbitrary chord progressions:

Jordan Rudess and Dream Theater is one of my favorite musicians. Below, I list my exercises from the above resources.

Total Keyboard Wizardry by Jordan Rudess.

Exercise 71: All done with mirrors: 
Exercise: 71: Rags to Riches:
Exercise 74: Lazy boy:
Exercise 77: FingerGlide:

Comping chords: G C D major:

Classical pieces:
Arabesque No. 1 by Claude Debussy (practice):